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The Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit is the world’s largest, invite-only event that convenes top leaders from different sectors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem (government, foundations, education, corporations, media, entrepreneur support organizations, and entrepreneurs).

The vision of the Summit is to help make entrepreneurship a viable career pathway, and in so doing, help solve the jobs crisis.

The Summit is a collaborative, action-oriented experience where delegates share and develop the answer to the following question:

"What is your grand idea on how the entrepreneurship education ecosystem can help bring the economy back to full employment?"

An Unconventional Conference

This Summit is NOT about lectures. It IS about discussion, collaboration and action.

The Summit is NOT about sharing best practices. It IS about building sustainable meaningful relationships that last beyond the Summit.

This Summit is NOT about top speakers. The Summit IS about top delegates who contribute to the dialogue and participate in the action. EVERY single participant was chosen for his/her unique ability to contribute from a high level perspective.

The Summit is NOT about one sector of the field. It IS about the entire ecosystem being brought together.


The first Summit was held on February 18, 2011 at the University of Central Florida and was attended by 130 individuals. Collectively, the organizations that participated serve over 30 million aspiring and existing entrepreneurs per year and have given hundreds of millions in donations to the field.

The second Summit was held November 17-19, 2011 in Washington, DC at the US Chamber of Commerce, White House, and Capitol Hill and had over 300 attendees.

To see videos from the last events, visit our YouTube channel.


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